How To Download And Install The Google Play Store

Aside from enabling ADB mode in developer options you can’t really do anything to that firmware at this time. You can’t unlock the bootloader to install a custom ROM and no ROOT at this time. You can however install the google play store, just google “google play store on fire xda” and there’s a straight forward tutorial on how to install it. From there you can install a launcher to give it an Android look.

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  • To block an app from delivering notifications to your watch, swipe right to left on the notification from the app and tap on block.
  • Besides the purchased Google books, we can view a large quantity of eBooks in Google books library for free as well.

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To do that, while you’re still on your computer, locate the file, copy it, locate your phone storage folder right there on your laptop and paste it there. Another way to do that is by clicking my device on your hisuite and import the files from your system. But for people like us who resides outside China, using Huawei Y6p without google play store is very complicated. Therefore, on this post, I will be telling you the3 Best Ways to Install Google Play Store on Huawei Y6p. When most people buy an Android smartphone or tablet they expect it to have the Google Play Store installed on it. Sadly, this isn’t currently available on devices sold in China.

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I’ve also appeared on TV as a tech expert for Global, CTV and the Shopping Channel. There are no guarantees with these devices, but you may be fine if the right parameters are in place. For instance, you need to make sure your Fire tablet is running Fire OS 5 or later for this to work.

As you can see, the process is relatively simple. You will have to remove any billing address if you have such Play Store Apk data on your Google Wallet account. Then, you will need to introduce a new address. The payment method that you use in your previous country will become inaccessible once you change your country on Google Play Store.

Why Is The Us Version Of Google Play Blocked Outside Us?

This is my first Android device, so I’m new to the environment. If you add a country for a paid app, new prices are automatically added. Once done, scroll to the bottom of the next page and select “More payment settings”. Select the country and profile you want to change to and you’re good to go. Open the Google Play Store app and you should find your country has changed.

You can see the list of apps that are downloaded on your smartphone. Also, you can give a command directly from the browser to the Play Store to download any app on your smartphone. So this is how you access Google Play Store from your laptop or PC.